Through our management teams we straddle several synergistic business sectors that enable us to achieve superior financial results, while improving the economic and natural environments, as well as the safety and security of our communities. Our primary goal is to improve the social, economic, physical and aesthetic of a given project and in this case the Bahamas Development

This will be accomplished through the implementation of a strategic development plan, which incorporates the following objectives. Development of open land into their highest and best use potentials. Creation of new business and community job opportunities over a 5 year period. Promote existing business and community through this development.



In the early days, Rum Cay was home to Arawak Indians. But by the start of the 16th century, after the arrival of Christopher Columbus, a majority of the Indians had left the island. Evidence, such as cave drawings, bowls and utensils, suggest that a small group of them lived in Hartford Cave before departing. By 1901, Rum Cay had five distinct settlements, with a majority of residents calling Port Nelson home. Today, Port Nelson is the only inhabited village remaining on the island. Tourism plays a significant role to island residents, as many of them are employed by the marinas and restaurants that attract seafarers and other visitors

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